Fabrizio marocchino

Game Developer


Lantern is a relaxing experience where the player takes control of a flying lantern in an oriental inspired world. The player's goal consist in restoring the color that this world has lost by touching everything with the lantern's area of influence. The game is structured in 4 big areas, each one rapresenting a season with its own artistic view and soundtrack and it can be played with a VR headset device to enhance the immersion in this oriental lowpoly universe.

Developed by the italian Storm in a Teacup

Release date: November 15th 2016 on PC (Steam).

My duties on this project were: Gameplay Programming (events, game logic algorithms, input (Pad&Keyboard), GUI), Level Design, Level Building, Profiling (PC), Assets management, VR sdk (Oculus and HTC Vive), Steam sdk.

Worked with Unity 3D.


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